What you get from our training sessions together:

💪 CHALLENGING and FUN WORKOUTS – You are more likely to want to work out if you like what you are doing. We work together to build a program that changes your body in a way that is interesting and fun for YOU. I like to gradually expose my clients to new and different movement variations so they can keep learning and growing.

💪 DESIGNED FOR YOU – Unlike other ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches to programming, I take into consideration any past injuries, nagging pains, muscle imbalances/weaknesses, and your personal goals to design workouts made specifically for you.

💪 ACCOUNTABILITY – You’re more likely to show up if you have some skin in the game. It’s easy to change the workout plans you make with yourself if, for example, laundry needs to be done or your kids keep hounding you about dinner. It’s harder to break plans if you make a commitment to meet another person at the gym for your scheduled YOU time.

💪 INSTANT FEEDBACK – You don’t have to guess if you are doing an exercise correctly or working the right muscle. I will show you how to do an exercise, what muscles should be working, and clues for how it should feel. I will observe you as you move and ask questions to give you the best guidance possible. If you’re doing it right, then I stand back and let you do the work!

💪 ENCOURAGEMENT – I’m here to help you get through a workout as painlessly as possible. 🙂 If you sign up for partner workout sessions with your best friend, even better–you’ll be sweating (and possibly swearing) together! Who better to be your exercise cheerleader than each other?

Getting Started

I like to start with an introductory meeting where we get to know each other and make sure we are a good fit. You will receive a Client Info Worksheet to fill out that helps me create the best workout program for you.

You will also receive a one-page agreement that lays out the terms of our client-trainer relationship and includes a waiver.

Finally we’ll go through a basic movement assessment. By watching how you move, I can find your strengths as well as pinpoint which movements may need assistance to improve. My goal is to get you making progress from Day 1.

Session Packages

I currently train clients in the evening since I work full time during the day. Please email me at for availability, and we can chat to figure out when and how often to schedule your sessions.

• Do-It-Yourself Package
This is great for the fitness enthusiast who has previous experience working out and likes to challenge themselves on their own. Use one session per week to get feedback on exercise form and technique. Investment: 12 sessions @ $35 each

• Foundation Package
The perfect package for a beginner who is new to working with weights and gym machines. With two sessions per week you get step-by-step instruction for each exercise, become comfortable knowing your way around the gym, and receive encouragement and support from me to achieve your new personal bests! Investment: 24 sessions @ $32.50 each

• Iron Warrior Package
For a woman committed to transforming mind, body, and spirit. Get hands-on guidance and accountability following a long-term program for two to three sessions per week. You have the piece of mind knowing exactly what you need to do–no guess work–so you can achieve your goals! Investment: 48 sessions @ $30 each