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Customer Testimonials

Kathy M.

“I stumbled across training with Sarah by chance: I followed her on social media as I knew her from Zumba® and she offered a limited-time session spot to learn strength training basics. I started with her the week of Thanksgiving 2017 and am happy to say I am still with her now a few months …

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Donna H.

“My first exercise encounter with Sarah was through Zumba. Because of health issues my exercise routines became nonexistent, and I found myself starting from rock bottom. “My goals were to strengthen my core and achieve overall muscle toning. At the age of 60 it really is about maintaining my health, flexibility, and endurance. I contacted …

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Candice S.

“As soon as I met Sarah, she immediately motivated me to want to be stronger and more confident in myself. Before training with her, I was always intimidated because I didn’t fit in the gym mold or perfect body. I was constantly trying to compare myself to a 25-year-old body. “Now I concentrate on becoming …

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Velvet B.

“I began weight training with Sarah in January 2016. I had weight trained before but never with a certified professional. I know I tend to move too quickly–my form can suffer and the quality workout I’m looking for just isn’t there. I wanted to learn the correct way to exercise, so I needed Sarah. “She …

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Kelly E.

“I have been training with Sarah since April 8, 2016, and regardless of how I feel at the beginning of my session–whether it be tired, didn’t want to go, or etc.–I always end my session feeling good, accomplished, and strong. “Sarah is very passionate about what she does and it shows with her workout plans, …

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