Donna H.

“My first exercise encounter with Sarah was through Zumba. Because of health issues my exercise routines became nonexistent, and I found myself starting from rock bottom.

“My goals were to strengthen my core and achieve overall muscle toning. At the age of 60 it really is about maintaining my health, flexibility, and endurance. I contacted Sarah and asked her to work with me as my trainer and coach.

“I was very unsure and insecure about the venue and working with weights. Sarah quickly put me at ease with a consultation session to determine my goals and needs. She is very professional and meticulous in preparing training circuits designed for her client’s individual personal needs.

“Sarah carefully guides you through the routines. She is always aware of your potential and, as you progress, challenges you. Once you think, “I got this,” Sarah jumps in and changes it up in a fun way! She is very motivational and encouraging.

“I have been working with her for several months. She took me from that rock bottom and has amazed me with accomplishments in my core strength and muscle toning. I have seen and experienced a better quality in my everyday life chores, work, and activities in just a short time. I lost 10 pounds during the first three months. I consider that a bonus, and I look forward to making bigger strides in shaping up my health, body, mind, and spirit with Sarah’s guidance!

“It’s good to feel better when you leave than when you came in!”