“Firecracker Five” Workout

The boom, pop, and whistle of fireworks are fading as the Fourth of July rolls into the fifth. In celebration of our nation's Independence Day, I want to share my latest workout, "Firecracker Five," a circuit that works your muscles from head to toe. Firecracker Five Equipment: dumbbells or kettlebells, TRX straps Aim to move continuously from … Continue reading “Firecracker Five” Workout

Take Care with the Narrative You Tell Yourself

As a life-long lover of books, I am drawn to stories. I think most people are. Stories pull us in to new worlds, new perspectives and adventures we would never have willingly taken on ourselves. While it's a given that fiction books are stories, I've found that the best nonfiction books also use stories to … Continue reading Take Care with the Narrative You Tell Yourself

Something > Nothing

It's 10:35 p.m. as I write this, and my husband and I just returned from a dog walk through our neighborhood. With the day's temperature reaching a high of 96 degrees, it wasn't until well after sunset that the Texas heat receded enough to be tolerable. Armed with a walking stick and flashlight, we chatted … Continue reading Something > Nothing

The Final Bell workout

Yesterday was the last day of school for children all across San Angelo, which means a change of pace for lots of households. Summer break is here—bring on the scorching 100-degree temps and restlessness! Since the hot weather makes everyone want to stay indoors, here’s a heart-pounding workout to do at home with centralized air at your beck … Continue reading The Final Bell workout

Hop aboard the food prep train

If you were to ask the average person about food prep, there would likely be two main reactions: 1. HUH? 2. Don't you need a lot of time to do that? Anyone on Instagram who follows fitness and nutrition will come across some form of the following in their feed: I'm not hating here. It's not impossible … Continue reading Hop aboard the food prep train

When my jeans get tight…

…my first thought is, “Hmm. I wonder if I left these in the dryer for too long?” Because let’s be honest–the easiest thing to do when confronted with an unpleasant reality is to offload it on someone–or something–else. I’ve had this pair of jeans for two years, so they ain’t changing. 🙂 Once I blow past … Continue reading When my jeans get tight…

My body evolution, part 3

You can read part 2 here. On with the story... Part 3: the still-middle years (I'm only 34) 2014–The Present: With bodyweight training on my radar and a growing appreciation for how working with dumbbells made me feel, I joined a gym and committed to three weight training workouts per week. I remember how hard consistency was in the past, so … Continue reading My body evolution, part 3